Assessment and Reporting

Students’ assessment and report is an important part of the teaching and learning process. Teachers assess and report on their students’ academic and social development throughout the year. 

Term 1 

  • Our teaching staff will assess students’ literacy, numeracy, and social development. This is also a time when our staff will meet with parents and caregivers to set learning and development goals for the year. 

Term 2 

  • Is when our teaching staff will prepare written reports for each child and organise individual parent interviews to provide families with an update on student achievement and developmental progress. 
  • Our parents and caregiver interviews are conducted online and face to face.   

Term 3

  • ongoing summative and formative assessment by conducted by our teaching staff

Term 4

  • End of year assessments are completed by our teaching staff. Our staff prepare the end of year written reports, and our end of year parent interviews are conducted in November.