Attendance Dues

Families that have children enrolled at Iqra school are required to pay Attendance Dues each year.

What are attendance dues?

Attendance Dues are a compulsory payment under the terms of the Education and Training Act 2020 (Act) and are a condition of enrolment. 

Proprietors of state-integrated schools can charge for attendance. They are compulsory and payment can be enforced, and a tax credit cannot be claimed.

Under the Act, Attendance Dues are used for administration cost such as collection costs of attendance dues, projects such as construction, lease and rental payments, insurance, building warrants of fitness, agency/service agreements and debt servicing. 

From 2024 we will require all families, current and new families to sign an agreement stating that you accept that you will pay the Attendance Dues and that you understand that payment of the Attendance Dues is a condition of enrolment and the continuing attendance of students at the school. 

Attendance Dues are not a donation, and they are not tax deductible.

Payment of Attendance Dues should be made in full at the beginning of the academic year or, in agreement with the school, by instalment (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term) during the academic year. 

The Attendance Dues cannot be paid in full at the end of each academic year.

  • Failure to pay the Attendance Dues may put your child’s place at the school at risk. 
  • Overdue accounts may be referred to a debt collection agency by the Proprietor.

The agreement is legally enforceable and the person who signed the agreement remains legally liable for payment of the Attendance Dues.

Attendance dues should be paid directly into this account.

School Bank Details:

Account name:     Iqra School

Account No:         12-3034-0231847-01

Reference:             Please state your child’s full name and school year level

Attendance dues fee: