Student Behaviour and Well-being

Iqra school has:
  • an attendance management policy and will regulary communicate our attendance expectations to our students and their families; including follow up on absences 
  • record and monitor attendance and absence data 
  • work with families to improve attendance.


Iqra school attendance expectations are:


  • being on time for school and class, and 
  • it is expected that families inform the school or class teacher should your child be absent for any reason.


Improving attendance may include working with families to ehlp students return to school.


  • Your child must go to school every day. Under the Education and Training Act 2020, parents and carers of school children up to 16 years old can be prosecuted if their child is away from school without a good reason. 
  • We definitely don’t want to do that; however, it is important to outline that we are governed by the law also. 


Going to school every day really is the key to getting the best out of school because:


  • it sets up good habits for going to school right from day one
  • learning to read, write and do maths takes a lot of practice and is easier to master if your child goes to school regularly 
  • each day is a chance to learn something new 
  • school offers your child regular, dedicated help to master the many skills they need 
  • it teaches your child life skills like commitment, being reliable, having a good work ethic and sticking with things when they get hard. 


Failure to inform the school after 21 consecutive days of absenteeism would mean that the child would be removed from the school roll. 
Regular attendance at school ensures that your child has the best learning opportunities. Check out this website on why it is important to attend school regularly – Click here