Our Teams

School leadership Team
Our leadership team is committed to creating the conditions for transformative learnings for the future. Working collaboratively,  promoting high expectations, and being responsive while ensuring we are guided by our special character is paramount to who we are.
Our team is committed to continuously learning and improvement as individuals and as a team. 
Our team brings New Zealand and overseas leadership and teaching experience and expertise to their role.
Dr. Stephen Kendall-Jones - Principal
Ghada Smaik - Leader of Special Character
Hajera Sharif - Assistant Principal
Our Special Character Team 
Our Special Character staff lead our Quran and Arabic curriculum in the school. They are highly dedicated staff members who ensure that the integrity of our special character is the heart of the school. They provide and promote learning programmes that support and develop students’ deep academic learning, knowledge and understanding of the Quran and Arabic learning progressions. 
They support Teachers during their Islamic curriculum programme; providing specific insights and support linked to the Quran, Hadith or a particular Islamic context. Our Special Character staff are an critical component of what makes the school so uniquely us.  
Ghada Smaik  -  Leader of Special Character
Duaa Idris – Special Character Teacher
Shatha Mustafa - Special Character Teacher
Tabarak barham – Special Character Teacher
Fatime Sabe – Special Character Teacher
Diana Nazzal - Special Character Teacher

Our Tasneem Team (Year 1 – 3)

Tasneem is a Quranic term which represents the purest and most supreme drink of paradise. It is derived from a noun which implies greatness and elevation of status.

When we refer to Tasneem within Iqra School, it represents how we see our students’ learning journey and commitment ‘to raise’ above challenges, to work towards their aspirations, and be a positive learner through living the Islamic Special Character principles of the school.

Hajera Sharif - Assistant Principal | Year 3 Teacher
Neetika Sharma – Year 1 Teacher
Asiya Rehman – Year 2 Teacher
Ayesha Anees – Year 3 Teacher
Our Kawthar Team (Year 4 – 6)

Kawthar refers to a river that exists in Paradise. The term translates to abundance or multitude.  

When we refer to Kawthar within Iqra School, it refers to the abundance of learning experiences and opportunities we strive to provide our students in this area. Kawthar builds upon the learning journey students have within Tasneem by promoting and instilling character, commitment to higher learning and a deep understanding of the Islamic Special Character principles of the school.

Thomas Rutten – Year 6 Teacher
Shahida Khanum – Year 5 Teacher
Fazleen  Azim – Year 4 Teacher
Marwa Mohammad – Year 4 Teacher

Our Salsabil Team (Year 7 – 8) 

Salsabil refers to a pure spring in paradise. It is water that passes easily through the throat, with a pleasant taste. It implies smoothness.

When we refer to Salsabil within Iqra School, we refer to the ease and smooth transition our students make from Kawthar to Salsabil and how we support them when transitioning onto secondary school. At Iqra School, we apply Salsabil through the way we facilitate learning with our students as we provide opportunities for growth, learning about leading oneself and others, and being pure in all endeavours.

Anzar Chida - Year 7 & 8 Teacher
Zainab Farooqi - Year 7 & 8 Teacher
Our Support Staff Team
Our support staff are committed to providing high quality support and services to the students, families and staff of Iqra School.
Our support staff do a range of tasks such as financial management, administration support, supporting special projects, teaching and student support, property and health and safety management. Each staff member brings a wealth of experience and expertise.
Samar Ahmad - Executive Officer
Rouzait Ajouly – Executive Administrator 
Nurhayati Roi – Teacher Aide
Kevin Curtis - Caretaker
Milo Auva’a - Caretaker